Water Treatment in Boerne 

Improving Water Quality in Boerne, TX

Are you concerned about the water quality in your home? Do you have water that smells bad, tastes bad, or stains your plumbing fixtures? Murray Service Company is a local, family-owned business and fifth-generation Master Plumber offering quality systems for water treatment in Boerne. We can help you find the perfect system for your home and provide top-notch installation and service. 

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Common Well Water Concerns 

The water in your home is used every day for drinking, cooking, bathing, and brushing teeth. Since our families are consuming water daily, water quality is extremely important for health and wellness. Unfortunately, water sources can contain a wide variety of bacteria and other contaminants. 

Some of the common concerns with well water include: 

  • Water hardness 
  • Iron and rust 
  • Discolored laundry or spotty dishes 
  • Unpleasant odors 
  • Bad tasting water 
  • Dissolved solids 
  • Bacteria 

The specific concerns can vary, depending on the water in a given area and whether your home water supply comes from a private well or a public utility. Municipal water supplies are treated for harmful bacteria, but well water is not tested or treated. For homes with city water, there may be concerns about the chemicals used to treat it. 

Water Treatment Options 

 There are more options than ever for Boerne water treatment. Whether you are interested in well water purification, need help with hard water, or want to improve the taste, there are quality systems available to meet your specific requirements. Our water treatment systems also work towards water conservation efforts as well.

Home water treatment systems include:  

  • Water softeners – Hard water is caused by a high level of calcium or magnesium in the water. A water softener can remove these minerals from the water to correct hard water problems.  Our metered softener systems also help conserve water by using 50% less water than traditional systems - which not only makes for a better return on investment but also is better for the environment. 
  • Water filtration – Whole-house water filtration systems are installed where the main water line comes into the house. This filters all the water, so you have clean, healthy water at every faucet or fixture. 
  • Reverse osmosis filtration – When you want the purest possible drinking water, a reverse osmosis system is an excellent choice. RO systems remove chemicals, salt, and other contaminants. 
  • UV water purification – If you have concerns about bacteria and other microorganisms and potential health risks, a UV water purification system can help. These systems use ultraviolet light to neutralize microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. 

Finding the best water treatment solution starts with knowing what needs to be corrected. For example, if you are most concerned with hard water, discoloration in your appliances, or bacteria in the water, this can guide you in choosing the best system for your home. Water testing can reveal the presence of minerals that cause hardness in the water, iron, sediment, and other problems. 

Call For a Consultation & Free Estimate 

At Murray Service Company, we are dedicated to exceptional service and delivering the best solutions for every customer. We can provide a free, no-obligation consultation for water treatment in Boerne. We listen to your concerns, determine the specific issues that need to be corrected, and explain the water treatment options that are best for improving the quality of your water. 

Get in touch with us by telephone at (210) 529-8441 to learn more about the options for water treatment. 

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